Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thinking Tuesday...

I can't believe it is JULY already! How time flies!!! Two important events the beginning of July....of course the 4th of July celebrating our freedom and this great country we live in AND my birthday! Been a fun month so far. Thoughts....

- My new passion is TRX. I did a post on my fitness blog on TRX. All I can say is I love it. If any of you come to St. George, we will do a workout together. By the pool. How awesome is that?

- Emma and Gabe spent a week camping with my family (note, there is one child I DO NOT recognize in this picture....)

- Getting used to the heat in sunny St. George. In fact, I sit typing this by the pool...I know, rough...

- Emma asked Gabe why it is so hot in St. George. Gabe's response: "Because we are closer to the ozone layer." We might need to do some extra homework this summer.

- Birthday fun included a shopping trip to Vegas! We are so close now. Just me and Jesse!

- We decided a show was in order for the birthday celebration and went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show "LOVE". Amazing. Highly recommend it.

- Routine. Getting the kids on more of a routine this summer. They need it and so do I.