Thursday, May 6, 2010

I think it is a disease... addiction to workout clothes, that is. Pretty sad when you have more workout clothes than regular clothes! My favorite (by far!) is Impact Fitness Wear. Megan is the most adorable owner and designs the best clothing. She has a fun fashion sense and her fabrics are always the best. I have been buying from her for over 8 years and get this - I STILL have tops that I bought 8 years ago. And still in great condition! Find them HERE. Or visit her boutique located in Holladay.
Psst.....I also have some coupons at my house if anyone wants one!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Piano Lessons!

Not from ME - that would be a disaster! My wonderful neighbor, Leslie Westerfield, has been teaching piano for years and started up lessons in our neighborhood. Gabe started a few months ago and LOVES her! If your kids are interested, she still has some slots available this summer. Costo is $60 per month. You can reach her at 801-450-3837.

On that same note, I did take piano as a kid. Did you? I never really developed that talent, but I can still play a couple of hymns on demand....Count Your Many Blessings. What can you still play?