Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Glorious Strawberries...

So my VERY favorite fruit would be THE STRAWBERRY! I am in love with this fruit...especially when it is purchased at Costco. Because they have the best Strawberries, that's why. And I can actually eat that many strawberries. Here are my two favorite ways to eat The Strawberry:

First, I love them in a Green Salad. Open up a big bag of greens - I like Romaine. Slice up lots of strawberries and sprinkle with sugar. Put on greens. Candy some nuts - pecans, almonds, walnuts...a little of each. (If you don't know how to do this, put some sugar in a pan on the stove and let it melt. Then add in your nuts and stir.) I personally like to use my Pampered Chef chopper and chop up the nuts before AND after I sugar them. Add them to the greens. This is the important part - for the dressing use BRIANNA'S Poppyseed Dressing. A must. Don't try a different brand. It is not the same and will ruin the salad. Yummy! my second way to enjoy strawberries is a recipe I have been using since my youth. Get a measuring cup and fill with sugar - whatever size will do. Take your strawberries, the sugar, and a towel and go stand by the kitchen sink. Holding a strawberry by the stem, run it under the water. Hold it to the towel to get any dripping water off. Then dip the strawberry in the sugar. Take a bite. Repeat the dipping and biting until you get to the stem. Throw the stem down the garbage disposal so mean anyone, won't know how many you have eaten. Then start over with a new strawberry. Until the entire Costco carton is empty! Delicious!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Week in Review...

Things that me smile this week....
  • Relaxing a little with the family.
  • The sun finally shining!
  • Gabe made the only goal at his soccer game on Saturday!
  • Emma riding her new trike outside...right onto the grass...right when the sprinklers came on...oops...
  • Hand and foot with our good friends....go T n T!
  • Hamburgers on the grill. BBQ anyone?
  • A Sunday afternoon nap and walk to the park.
  • Elder Collett from Susan and Wayne's Mission coming over to visit, bring pictures, and tell us about Greece.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday...

This is Gabe right before he turned one! Grandma Susan always had tea parties with the grandkids...hats and all! Gabe couldn't be left out. This his Grandma Susan's Dorothy wig from the Wizard of Oz. Don't you think it looks just like Emma??

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rainy, Yucky Morning =

Pajamas, white dress shoes, beads, puppy purse, naked baby...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love Bags? You Should Go Here...

My cute friend, Shar, recently opened a Bag Boutique called Bags That Fit. You must stop in and see the amazing bags, jewelry, and clothing that they carry! It really is so darling! Look how cute they have it decorated....

Some of my favorite things while I was there browsing included:
  • The polka dotted luggage (you can see it in the picture on the bottom left)
  • Shabby Apple for little girls...oh so cute!
  • Of course the MANY, MANY bags!
  • Cute necklaces to hang charms from.
  • Chunky jewelry...which I love, love!
  • Jeans - for a great price!
So if the man in your life needs in idea for Mother's Day, send them here - 127 E. Main Street in Lehi.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Week In Review...

My week can be summed up by one thing....

I had my first opportunity to teach at Scrapbook USA this year, and it was amazing! I taught a class called ABC's of Me where we made a darling ABC album! It was a lot of work, but so worth it when I saw the reaction of the class members to the album! What a great weekend! My family was so supportive of me....Jesse had lots of eating out this week and the kids stayed at me Mom and Dad's for a couple of days! I couldn't have done it without them! And of course I got to spend quality time with the Robert's Team - Lisa, Natalie, Stacie, and Ali! Love you all!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Flashback Friday...

So in love....this is our engagement picture - 1997. Jesse told me not to post anymore old pics of him. I'm sure he'll get over it...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Week In Review...

Things making me smile this last week:
  • Awesome Book Club discussion on "The Kite Runner".
  • Sushi. Enough said.
  • The movie "21". I really liked it! I would watch it again.
  • Pizza at the Pizza Factory with great friends. AND our kids were all good.
  • A special date with Gabe. He chose to go to Del Taco, rent movies, and go to "Jump On It". It is this warehouse full of trampolines. We had a blast...until he sprained his ankle. Thanks for a fun date, Gabe.
  • Jesse offering to keep Emma while Gabe and I had time to ourselves.
  • Jesse cleaning the house while I was at Book Club.
  • Gabe losing another front tooth!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback Friday...

It is technically still Friday...barely.

Homecoming 1991...that means we are all still 15. So what we were even doing at this event, I am not quite sure. Check out the HAIR!! And there must have been some special going on at Maurices on Aqua colored dresses that year. Does my hair look red? My mom would be so proud...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tag - You're It!!

Sheila Tagged me to play along....

What I am doing: postponing getting ready for the day
What I’m proud of today: I've already been to the gym and it's before 10
What I’m thinking about: The rest of my day
Who is home: Emma and Jesse
Plans tonight:Book Club - discussing The Kite Runner
My weekend was: fulfilling
What’s for dinner: Spaghetti
Thoughts about love: Should be unconditional
Feelings about life: Make the most of it.
What I need: more sleep
What I want: warm weather
What I have: family
My pet peeve: noises while I am sleeping
My guilty pleasure: candy
What you don’t know about me: Is there anything??
What I can hear: Emma destroying something in the other room...
What I can smell: shampoo
My style: comfortable, classic
My hairdo: short and spiky
My outfit: top and lounging pants
My mood: happy
The weather today:chilly
Thoughts on parenting: hard but fun (I agree with Sheila on this one and the next)
Thoughts on marriage: hard but fun
Thoughts on politics: I get them from Sheila :)
Thoughts on celebrity gossip: a waste
Thoughts on beauty: comes from within
Thoughts on sleep: didn't I already say I NEEDED it?
Thoughts on writing: not good at it
My favorite appliance: dishwasher - I didn't have one growing up
My favorite car: one that smells good
My favorite splurge: clothing
My favorite beauty secret: uh...
My favorite treat: candy
My favorite everyday pleasure: staying at home to be a Mom
Ten years ago: Newlywed
Five years ago: getting ready to move to Utah!
One year ago: Saying goodbye to Wayne and Susan to serve a mission
One year from now: enjoying Wayne and Susan home
Five years from now: Gabe will be in Jr. High - Yikes and Emma in school
Ten years from now: getting ready to send Gabe on a mission - Double Yikes!! and Emma entering YW
I’m famous for: my Chocolate Chip Cookies - or so I think
I’ll never be famous for: my voice
Who I am: Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend
Who I hope to be: A little of all of you
What I’m thankful for: Gospel

Now everyone on the side bar is tagged! Have fun! And have a great day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Week in Review...

Things to smile about this past week...
  • General Conference - Elder Ballard's talk on Motherhood was my favorite.
  • Sustaining a new prophet of our church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  • Having my mom, one sister, and two of her kids spend a few days with us...more please!!
  • Listening to Emma try out new words.
  • A princess party with Princess Andie.
  • Fruit from Costco.
  • Attending an "Author's Tea" at Gabriel's school to listen to him read the story he wrote. It is called "The Three Knights", and he did a fabulous job of writing and illustrating it!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Flashback Friday...

This is my cute sister and I can't stop giggling right now. We are thinking it is circa 1980. I am the cute little one in the yellow dress in the front...with the grouchy face. You would be grouchy too if you mom curled your hair like that.

ps. This is a polaroid. Do you know what that is?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

David What?

Most of you know that we don't have TV at our house, so we miss a lot of "addicting" TV shows. American Idol being one them. We did watch it at a friends house recently, and Gabriel really likes David Archuleta. Except he can't quite say "Archuleta". He calls him David Enchilada. What do you think? Try it out. It will grow on you...

ps. What is up with Paula's outfits???

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This is all we are hearing from Emma nowadays. I love that she wants us to read to her, but it is the SAME book over and over. And over some more. This is the book...It is a darling book of opposites. It was given to Gabriel on his 1st birthday by Uncle Jared and Aunt Amy. It was a hit with him and apparently is still popular among the one year old crowd. I could read this book in my sleep. "Dinosaur Roar". "Dinosaur Squeak". "Dinosaur fierce". "Dinosaur Meek"... We have made actions to go along with most of the opposites. I'm sure it is quite entertaining for outsiders.