Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making Me Happy...

The Tulips in my front flowerbed are peeking their heads out...

That means Spring is on its way, and that makes me smile!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Ready...

Missouri! Here they come!
Yesterday my parents had their "farewell". They both gave wonderful talks in church. I walked away wanting to be a better person, daughter, mother, wife, friend.... They have a special way of doing that. I must say that I have the greatest parents ever. They are the most humble people I know, and I feel so blessed to have them as my parents forever. They will continue to teach me and my children by example, even though they will be far away.
We were able to visit with lots of family members we don't get to see very often. ALL of my sisters, their husbands, and my nieces and nephews were there - this doesn't happen very often. They will be missed, but I am excited for them and this amazing opportunity that they have accepted!

You also better get ready for random posts from me about my kids to keep my mom going :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Been Decided...

We attended the Draper Temple Open House yesterday afternoon (if you haven't attended - get tickets and go!) As we were leaving, Gabriel let us know that this is the Temple he would like to be married in. Moments like that make a Mama proud.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday...

Spring Break 1995
This is James (Jesse's twin), me, and Jesse in Las Vegas. Jesse and I had just met about a month earlier at ISU. I had always thought he was a returned missionary and was way out of my league - but of course I thought he was super cute! My roommate, Pepper, introduced us; and Katie, now my sister-in-law, helped get us on our first date. After our first date, he invited me to go on Spring Break to St. George with his family - after the first girl he asked couldn't go....lucky me!

Check out the short shorts and the socks with sandels.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confession of an Obsession...

Know what this is?It's a rice bag (not mine...mine is much cuter and bigger :))...My Mom made mine.

I am obsessed with my rice bag during these cold winter months! I HAVE to warm it up before bed time, and then I put it at my feet to keep me nice and toasty as I fall asleep. One night I couldn't find it, so went to bed to freeze to death in my sleep - curled up in fetal postion with my hands tucked in my armpits. My children are now obsessed with the rice bag, also. Emma calls it her "warming bag". I let them keep it until they fell asleep, then I steal it away for myself! Thank goodness for a loving Grandma - my Mom made them their very own small versions so their stingy Mom can have hers back. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

They say it's your Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

"33" Random things about my man...

1. He loves Sushi.
2. His favorite color is Green.
3. He is a twin.
4. He served his mission in Brazil.
5. He doesn't care for sweets.
6. But if he does need a treat - it has to be ice cream.
7. He is a momma's boy.
8. He has a deep love for Joseph Smith.
9. He is very good with decorating.
10. He is a great soccer player.
11. He has broken 19 bones.
12. He is a lover of fine clothing.
13. He shaves his head every day.
14. He loves Manhatten.
15. He owned a Harley and looked like a bad -A!
16. His little girl has him wrapped around every finger!
17. He has always been a great father.
18. He could be considered a "gym rat"!
20. His stomach doesn't handle dairy very well.
21. He is a spectacular cook.
22. He works from home - yay for me!
23. He loves reconnecting with old friends.
24. He is a good skiier - snow and water.
25. He likes to look at cars...always wishing for a new one.
26. He has expensive taste in everything.
27. He loves a good action movie.
28. He likes to have his back scratched.
29. He is a hard worker - learned from his parents and grandparents.
30. He loves and understands the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
31. He always puts his family first.
32. He is very sarcastic at times.
33. He loves to just hang out with friends and family.

Love ya, babe!