Thursday, March 6, 2008

50 Facts About Me...

Cute Aly tagged me to post 50 facts about myself, that you may or may not know. 50: That's a lot! We'll see how far I get...

1. I have all sisters.

2. Jesse has all brothers.

3. I grew up in the country.

4. My first pet was a dog, Pepper. Then a girl, Pepper, moved in down the road. We used to joke about it all the time. We became really good friends.

5. When I was little, I LOVED to ride my bike up and down the road. I would pretend that the nuts and bolts were buttons to a radio on my bike.

6. My first tape was Madonna - Like a Virgin. (what was my mother thinking???)

7. I used to trade shoes with Camille Hawkes and Melissa Ward in First Grade. I hated it. I wanted my own darn shoes!

8. I have never broken a bone, but Jesse has broken 21 (or close to that).

9. I had braces when I was in high school. Now I need them again.

10. I love to take hot baths and stand in a hot shower for a really long time.

11. I ran for Head Cheerleader my Senior Year in High School and lost. It ended up being a blessing. I became best friends with the girl who won.

12. I want to go to Hawaii someday. That would be my dream vacation.

13. My favorite part about coming home from school in Elementary was getting off the bus and smelling hot bread that my mom just baked. She still bakes once a week.

14. I don't like being in a lake or the ocean. It scares me.

15. The thing that scares me the MOST is something terrible happening to Gabe or Emma.

16. I want to go back to Greece with Wayne and Susan in a few years.

17. I love my in-laws. How many people can say that??

18. I was an aunt when I was 8 and a great-aunt when I was 29.

19. If I was rich, I would love to take my mom and sisters to an expensive Spa and spend all day pampering ourselves.

20. I wear contacts.

21. I had a lamb in the Oneida County Fair for several years in a row. I hate lambs.

22. I used to watch Days of Our Lives every day after school. My thoughts were consumed with Bo and Hope...

23. My first date with Jesse was to a Brooks and Dunn concert.

24. My second date with Jesse was Spring Break to St. George. Don't worry...his parents were with us.

25. I would love to get a road bike and start riding outside.

26. My favorite day of the week is Saturday.

27. I have been skinny dipping.

28. I love to stay up late doing whatever I please.

29. I love to watch my babies sleep.

30. I get teary thinking of the sacrifices my parents made for me and how ungrateful I was growing up.

31. I rode a school bus across the United States with my family when I was a Sophomore in High School. You can't act cool riding in a school bus with your family. Don't even try.

32. I absolutely hate to camp.

33. I am allergic to grass. My eyes used to swell shut when I was little. I got out of gardening a lot by rubbing my eyes after I touched the weeds in the garden.

34. The biggest fight I got in with my mom was when I was a senior in High School, and I wanted to sleep on the football field with the cheer squad. Sorry mom, I wasn't thinking!!

35. My first real job was cleaning school buses for my dad. I hated scraping gum off of the floor.

36. I love to get together with old friends.

37. I can't believe that I love Sushi. I wouldn't eat anything out of the ordinary growing up. Everything had to be dry - sandwiches, no salads....I was SO missing out.

38. I like to take road trips because I feel justified in buying a whole load of crappy food and eating the entire time we are driving.

39. When I was doing x-rays, Holly and I used to x-ray the Halloween candy looking for anything "suspicious". Then we would take our favorite pieces and give the candy back to the kids.

40. I am a gym rat. I need the endorphin release.

41. I love a clean house, I just don't always want to clean it.

42. I love sticky notes and note cards.

43. If I do something that is not on my "to-do" list, I add it on and then cross it off.

44. I don't like being cold.

45. I can't stand clutter.

46. I love shoes. Especially high heels. I like feeling tall.

47. I wanted to be a School Teacher when I was little.

48. I once walked in on a guy wearing just his undies while at a hotel in Northern Idaho. I thought it was my hotel room.

49. I think Easter Candy is the most delicious of any Holiday treat. I seriously need help...

50. I love to read other peoples blogs and check to see if I received any comments several times a day. I know...obsessed.


Bo and Nell said...

Love it! Brought back sooo many memories. Most people don't beleive that we rode on a school bus cross country with just our parents! You had me laughing at a few of these! Love ya! I may be coming home in April over Spring Break. Me and the girls will have to make a trip down to visit for a few hours!

Marisa said...

#27...NO WAY?!?


sharchavira said...

I'm obsessed now too! It's not good. I love, love this blog thing. It's awesome finding out all this stuff about people...I love, love it!!

martha corinna said...

I love all of these facts.
I need braces again too.
I love sushi too, we should get some sushi sometime!

The Christensen Family said...

Laughing so hard right now! #48 is my favorite! A guy in his undies? My face burns with embarassment for you! :) Cute little post... Love you so much! xxoo

Palmer Family said...

It was fun to see you in the store! Some interesting things about that I didn't know. I used to watch Days of Our Lives too!!

Nikki said...

Trish!!!! I can't believe you went skinny dipping. Look how adventureous you are. I'm impressed!

Abbey said...

holy crap you make me laugh. I was laughing because I used to loooove Days of our Lives. Bo and Hope or Carly and alive! Too Funny! Hey so I was u need to come over to Lifetime and join the team. Just a thought? We are having auditions soon and Ashli liljenquist were talking today in the office and your name was brought up to our director. You seriiously just need to come by and do a class and it may persuade you girl..seriously! Ok enough! LOVE YOU! Hey are you going to convention?

Cindy said...

Is it the same skinny dipping incident that I am also remembering? :)

Connie said...

Congrats!! You made it all the way to #50. I'm enlightened as well as impressed! I think you are the one responsible for my blog addiction :)

Tate Family said...

My first dog's name was Pepper too...WOW!

Lisanne Lee said...

That was the most fun post I've ever read! I feel so much closer to you now! I can't believe you hate to camp, and I can't believe you used to watch Days of our Lives! I used to sneak 90210! Ha! So funny. And Easter candy?...Really? Jesse, 20 how many bones? So entertaining.

I just love you for so many reasons. The list just got longer.



Aly said...

That was so fun and interesting to read about you. I am glad that you played. I thought this one was way fun. We have a lot of crap in common.(ie:All sisters, skinny dipping, and late nights.) Just to name a few. :) I love that you love candy so much. You are so cute!!